Impactafrica Trade and Investments, LLC

The company was founded and incorporated in the USA. Impactafrica USA is the parent company and all disputes are held at that level. The primary purpose of Impactafrica is to conduct and promote global business in Eastern Africa.

The company was formed by African visionaries in the diaspora who strongly believe in Africa's self development and prosperity. Our core belief is that Africa will be built by entrepreneurs facilitated by an enabling business environment.

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Message from the founders

During the first half of 2013, the following major economic events took place showcasing Africa as the last economic frontier:

  • THE BRICS FIFTH SUMMIT held in Durban, South Africa in March 2013. It brought together leaders of the emerging nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The theme for the summit was: “BRICS and AFRICA: Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialization”
  • AFRICA GLOBAL BUSINESS FORUM 2013 held in Dubai in 0May 2013 featuring UAE's and Dubai's strategic role as a world-class hub for doing business with Africa. The theme was: “Bringing the Continent to the World”
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To become a leading commercial organization in East Africa benefiting our investors, host countries as well as employees and adding value to the overall economic development of the local communities.

Our Goals

  1. To operate a profitable, superior and diversified organization.
  2. To achieve economic goals without sacrificing quality.

Pre-requistes to successful African Business

Success for doing business in this region depends on having a local presence and global cooperation. IMPACTAFRICA was formed to serve this crucial role. IMPACTAFRICA seeks to have:

Good local contacts and full familiarity with the local communities
Ability to effectively institute and efficiently direct a program that is mutually profitable to the investor and Africa.

Looking at global interest and support for Africa

Western industrialized countries such as those in the Americas and Europe have stepped up their foreign direct investments in Africa. Here are a few examples:

In November 2012, the US announced a $10 Million package to help the economic integration of the EAC while the US Senate pushed for doubling trade with Africa.